Spring/Summer Dreamfish order


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I have had a few people ask me about high end super reds, specifically confirmed Blood Reds from Blood Red brooders. Dreamfish offers these with their Ultimate Merlion line.

Others are looking for high end Blue Base Gold Crossbacks, Gold Base Crossbacks, and 24K Crossbacks. Again, these are available from Dreamfish with their Ultimate Merlion line.

Prices are not cheap for these fish, but the quality is second to none.

I will try and get an order happening as soon as I can.

Email [email protected] if interested!


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Looking to move this order along for delivery. Contact [email protected] if interested. I have access to full range of gold aros for this order, from entry level Panda Golds (HBRTG) to ultra high level Merlion specialty GH's....


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This is an interesting order. I can actually bring in both Panda and Dreamfish on this order, allowing for a full spectrum range of quality from normal (Panda) to premium (Dreamfish Merlion). Thus, whatever someone is looking for, I can provide it.


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I am holding this Panda Blue Base Cross Back for a customer for the next week. This fish shows a lot of potential. Came in at a good size of about 6.5 inches.

Here is a really nice Merlion Ultimate 24 K Gold Cross Back from Dreamfish. I plan on grooming this one:

Over at LiveExoticImports in Toronto, Calvin has taken delivery of another group of 4 high end Dreamfish Merlion Cross Backs. He should be posting up photo/video soon at his sub-forum here: http://www.arowanaclub.ca/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=142

Meanwhile, for those of you in Calgary, drop by to see Wayne at Riverfront Aquarium or Dave at Concept Aquarium and have a look at the fine Panda Gold and BBXB cross backs on offer. They are some really beautiful fish!

Good luck to all the new owners! :)
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