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ST/CT in Vietnam

what is the difference between the ST and CT? is it just a difference in the tail striping? is the true ST really better than the CT? i have heard that these dats can be bought in vietnam which are brought in from cambodia(CT). can true ST also be bought in vietnam or just the CT? does anyone know of any good lfs in saigon area that do sell these dats? a relative is going there soon and might bring back a couple if it can be done. could they bring these back easily or does paperwork have to be done? would any lfs pack them properly for the flight back to canada in winter weather? Thanks for any help.:)
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The Thai government has banned the capture and exportation of ST's. That is why there are so many IT's,NGT'sand CT"s out there.


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their is a diffrence between ST and CT but not many

ST and CT look the same to most and many tigers people think and ST are CT are the same

Normal diffrences are half moon shape on the tail stripe not as clean stripes on the body and hardly any neckband and in most cases CT are a banana yellow color

hear is a picture of what i would class as CT and this is a good grade CT