Sump and drip ideas


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Here is my custom sump design for a 225G acrylic tank. Water flows from left to right. I will be using a 7" filter sock in the 1st compartment. Mats and bio media in the 2nd. K2 and mat in the 3rd. Any feedback is appreciated.

I do have questions on the drip drain. Should it be placed in the return compartment (I placed it to the side in order to be able to control a valve there)? How high should the drip drain hole be? For the 225G tank, the maximum overflow is 14 gallons of water. This equates to about 7.6" of height in the return compartment. The pump is rated at about 900g/hr at 5' head. I just don't know how high the water will be in the last compartment without actually trying it.



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Just remember that your drain line hole will be the depth of the sump water so mine is really high up. Just remember to think about water level when placing your baffles. Another thing i wish i changed on my setup is the size of the compartment the filter sock is in. TO SMALL lol its hard to get a filter sock thats full of gunk out of it. My drip is located in the aquarium not the sump but if i was to put it in the sump i would also be putting it at the return.


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oh and don't place your drain line in your filter sock compartment haha i did that and 2 things can happen. 1 is your filter sock will plug the hole and 2 the filter sock will drain water right into the drain hole! believe me it happened to me.