Super Red not Eating


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well not so fast! he is still eating everyday small amounts, but now he is back to his swim bladder problems?? The last 2 mornings he swims on an angle for a couple of hours and then he seems to level off ?? then acts like everything is ok. Want to get himm a little stronger before I try to correct this problem? any suggestions would be appreciated. Rgds
I feel sorry you are in such a trouble. If I were you, I will give up. Your patience is impressive.
What I can do is that next time if you come to Montreal, let me know. I will sell you one of my colleting red aros. at my cost. Kind of compensate for your suffer. I don't know why I want to do this, but I understand how bad feeling you are having now. I can feel the pain and helpless in your heart. I can taste the bitter that you are swallowing.


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Thank-you very much for your concern and help. I'm considering moving him to a smaller tank now where he can spend his time. I also don"t know what to think about the situation from the start, but I Know now that I will not accept replacement fish for fish that were lost and dead on arrival from a group order. You must be prepared for unforseen circumstances when buying fish like I did but still a hard pill to swallow. Rgds Bruce