Tankless water heater


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Just curious if anyone out there is currently running tankless water heaters. If so, have you seen any difference regarding utility costs vs water tank heating. Looking at ways to save on utility costs.



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of course you save money on the cost because its only run when you use. It is also the plumbing in the house got to do it right so the hot water doesnt have to run so many loop to the faucet. The only down side is that you don't have hot water instantly but it take at least 10 sec to get hot water.


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Thanks for the info. Didn't know about the delay...interesting.

I've read some consumer reports where the savings are very minimal and hardly offset the initial costs. Since these reports are done using "typical" family consumption, my hope was to hear from a fellow hobbyist that made the transition.

Think i'll start also looking into solar heating too.


I'm guessing out of Calgary you would be looking at gas not electric tankless. Your effeciency would be based on the tankless efficiency versus your current tanks efficiency. There is a little delay if plumbed right into the tankless heater but you can run a heating loop through a water tank used for heat exchange with a heat exchange coil. There is alot of options as you can use small electric water tanks in different areas of your house to store the hot water near point of use and just use the thermostat on the tank for a heat call to your tankless so you don't use electricity. Initial cost will take along time to pay off if you are just needing it to save money and your current water tank fufills it's needs.