THE Aro Kingdom STORY


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AROKINGDOM opened it’s doors to hobbyists in January 11th 2011. It started out as an Arowana specialty shop based in Singapore selling mainly Super reds and exotic types ranging from Platinum to Leucistic types imported from Indonesia, all the arowanas that are imported have been personally hand-picked by the founder himself from travelling tirelessly to the farms in Indonesia or Malaysia as and when required. With growing support from local and international hobbyists, Arokingdom has expanded its sources from Indonesia to include Singapore and Malaysian Arowana farms to cater to the different preferences of the individual hobbyists. We now provide a wide variety of Super reds, Crossback goldens, and exotic arowanas that are hard to come by and rarely seen in any Singapore arowana specialty shops. With hardwork and perseverance in delivering quality arowanas, AroKingdom have been able to expand it’s customer base from Singapore to Malaysia, Philipines, and Hong Kong. AroKingdom has constantly strived to further improve the quality of fishes that comes under the Kingdom’s Selection and will uphold the strong belief that “The quality of the arowanas will speak for themselvesâ€.


The founder of AroKingdom Mr D’Zulkiflee a.k.a “Zul†started out as a hobbyist with a strong and relentless passion for arowanas, in the search for the highest grade of arowanas to add to his collection, he went from knocking on the doors of Indonesian farms to developing good working relationships with many of their owners and other top Indonesian fish traders. With the knowledge he gained from his own fish-keeping and support from his friends in Indonesia, Arokingdom became a reality. He believes in staying humble and providing the best possible service to his customers. Many of whom became his friends and hangs out in his specialty shop based in the west side of Singapore... and NOW IT'S COMING TO CANADA.

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