The Ideal Arowana Hobby and Industry

We would like to share the abstract of the talk given during the seminar in Taiwan (4th March 2012) and Korea (10th March 2012).


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Topic: The Ideal Arowana Hobby and Industry

The interest of all parties involved in the arowana industry can only be safeguarded by a balance industry where hobbyist can obtain their dream arowana through affordable price; wholesalers can make a decent living by taking risk in importing the fishes to their respective countries and breeders can have enough profit to focus in breeding authentic grade arowana and improving the bloodline of arowana. But because greed appears in all parties, this has caused the arowana industry to deteriorate. In short, arowana industry needs to embrace ethics to correct the current situation and to protect the future of arowana hobby.

Hobbyist is the pull factor in the arowan industry. Their demand and requirement will have direct implication on the future trend of arowana keeping. It is important for hobbyist to educate themselves on the true knowledge of arowana and its hobby. If not, it will provide a gap of opportunity for unethical wholesalers and breeders to prey on them. Hobbyist need to forcefully demand an ethically bred arowana to protect their own interest and to truly enjoy the arowana keeping processes. At the same time, hobbyist should be realistic about the price vs quality factor.

Arowana importers have great responsibility to hobbyist and their respective arowana industry. It is important to protect the hobbyist interest and to maintain the arowana hobby standard. It is their duty to educate the hobbyist regarding the true knowledge of arowana. The simple reason is that they are making a profit out of the hobby and the hobbyist. Also, importer is the first barrier to the import of arowana. They act as a quality control agent. Hence, if all importers can be united in the same mind to import only “ethical†arowana, then a country’s arowana industry will be stabilized and the quality standard can be elevated.

Breeders are the push factor in the arowana industry. Whatever they breed will inevitably affect the world arowana industry. They hold the key to the future development of the arowana industry. It is important to standardize a quality standard which firstly, based on the original arowana bloodline from the wild to conserve the nature arowna; and secondly, based on the newly developed arowana bloodline to prevent the degeneration of arowana genes.
Breeders themselves have to be knowledgeable in order to select the right arowana bloodline for quality breeding. If not, the output from the farm will be messy and disrupt the industry quality standard. If all breeders can produce and compete with quality as their first priority, the future of arowana industry and arowana hobby will be protected. With ethical breeding, it will not only discourage unethical business transaction but also simplify the function of the whole arowana industry.

From the above, we can see that if arowana hobbyist, importer and breeder can all played their individual role, arowana keeping is sustainable and be enjoyed for a long time to come.