This forum is amazing!


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In a few seconds of being a member I have been enlightened to the fact that It is still illegal to have an Asian Arowana in the states. I have had a Jardini for the last 12 years and to be honest I haven't shopped fish on the internet since. My jardini passed away last month and I started to search the internet and I found Super reds etc... offered at a unbelievable prices. So I thought the ban had been lifted and the price had gone down. I just activated my account and began reading and found out that those U.S. Asian arowanas are a scam. You guys just saved me from getting taken! Thankyou!


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Welcome to the forum, glad we could help. There have been many cases of Americans being taken advantage of by people promising to ship them Asian arowana. I am glad you did not fall for the trap. Perhaps consider getting a nice Pearl Jardini as they are pretty close looking to Asian arowana? Good luck, and again, welcome to the forum.