Trying to pick a tank, would you rather?


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Hey I'm trying to pick a tank for a solo asian arowana for life (if possible).
Would you rather another 1" in width or 4" in height
180 gallon 72.5x25.5x25.7 or;
210 gallon 72.5x24.5x29.7
ideally I would like to find 210 gallon 7'x2'x2' but I'm not sure who makes a tank to those specs? Any input would be great.


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2 feet wide is too small for life. i thought it would be ok when i first started to keep aros but i was wrong. 2.5 is a bit better. 3 would be perfect for life. 6x3 is ok. or bigger the better!


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It sounds like you want the same tank I have (and some other forum members): a Marineland 300 gallon. Measures 6 X 3 X 2.5

Since you are in the lower mainland I can help you get a deal on one if you like. Shoot me a pm. Otherwise, go to King Ed Pets; they should be able to help you too.


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Although that 3' would be nice the max I think I'm permitted to go would be 6x2.5x2 in my location if anyone can help me source one out that would be great otherwise will keep an eye out