Updates of 4 Indonesian Farms' Reds


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Dear all,
In response to calls from our supporters for updates on the Indonesian Reds which we have imported since Janauary 2015, here they are, their latest photos taken under a more natural lighting.

As these Indo Reds are hand picked by us on a recent trip to Pontianak, Indonesia, we are happy to see their development over the past 1.5 months. And to avoid confusion, all these Indo Reds will be sold based on their size (7-8 inches), regardless of which farms they come from. This is the same case as in Indonesia - Super Reds there are sold based on SIZE, unless you are comparing say a, 12 inch Red with rim colour to another 12 inch Red with no colour. Obviously, the former would costs alot more than the latter.

Even overseas supporters can reserve these fishes to be shipped along with their local DFI agent's other new orders. So please contact your nearest DFI agent for quotes (if any). Or email [email protected] for further enquiries.

As for Singapore local sales - its via PM or email to make an Advance Appointment with us. And terms of sales is Cash & Carry. For supporters who do not drive, there is a bus 925 that comes to the front of our farm on Sundays and Public Holidays. You may take this bus from Kranji MRT Station. Though its a long trek to get to our farm, you will not be disappointed by the range of fishes available - guaranteed!

In addition to these featured 7-8 inches Reds, we do have other 9-10 inches Citra Reds with rim colours, 12 inch Mitra Reds with cheek & rim colours and 14-16 inches Cahaya Reds with cheek & rim colours for your selection (these are, of course, priced higher).

Many thanks indeed for your forthcoming support.

Mrs Goh


Making its new debut are these Bahari Istana Reds, under more natural lighting, 7-8 inches. Featured here are Bahari Istana Reds.


Bahari Istana Reds with a higher body, scissors bite mouth and larger 3 back fins.


Comm discounts for those who buy 5pcs of Indo Reds at one go, and you can combine fishes from all the 4 different Indonesian Farms.


Shelook Reds with Spoon Heads, Higher bodies and some do come with a Diamond shaped tial. 7.5-8 inches.


Shelook Red, famed for their Spoon Head Chilli Reds - here is a close up look.


The smallest Reds of the 4 farms, Citra Reds, at a mere 7 inches.


Cute but promising Citra Reds - Higher bodies, nice fan shaped tails and good colouration for their size.


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Left out these Cahaya Reds ...

Dear All,
We have just realised that we have left out these Cahaya Reds, 7-8 inches.
These featured fishes are in fact now at C328, Singapore.

Mrs Goh


Higher bodies coupled with longer pectoral fins.


Deep red and larger finnages. Red lips/barbels, too.


Larger 3 back fins and blue sheen for these young Cahaya Reds