Updates of Cahaya & Mitra Mid-sized Reds


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Dear all,
Remember our old threads, 'More Mid-sized Cahaya Reds to usher' posted on 13th Feb as well as 'Mitra Reds - after two weeks of tanning' posted on 15th Feb? Well, three weeks have since passed and we are now doing a small update of some of these fishes under tanning.

Needless to say, after an extra 3 weeks of tanning from mid Feb, it is obvious that the colour performance of these Indonesian Reds have greatly improved. We would continue to tan these beauties for the next few months, unless they are sold as special discounts of S$150 each fish is now given to these Cahaya Reds. As for the Mitras, they are priced very well at only S$1,0XX each.

Even overseas supporters can reserve these fishes to be shipped along with their local DFI agent's other new orders. So please contact your nearest DFI agent for quotes (if any). Or email [email protected] for further enquiries.

As for Singapore local sales - its via PM or email to make an Advance Appointment with us. And terms of sales is Cash & Carry. For supporters who do not drive, there is a bus 925 that comes to the front of our farm on Sundays and Public Holidays. You may take this bus from Kranji MRT Station. Though its a long trek to get to our farm, you will not be disappointed by the range of fishes available - guaranteed!

Many thanks indeed for your forthcoming support.

Mrs Goh


Cahaya Red Fish A at 15-16 inches. Spoon head, high body and great rim colour. Base seems to be purplish, too.


Cahaya Red Fish B at 15 inches. More promiment Spoon head, very high body and deep purplish base. Rim colour is very obvious when you see her in person though.


Mitra Red Fish 1 at 12-13 inches. Gill colour is very obvious, rim colour too and longer pectoral fins.


Mitra Red Fish 2 at 12-13 inches. Both Gill and Rim colour are obvious, larger 3 back fins, too.