Vancouver Trip


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It’s been a few years since I’ve had to travel to Vancouver to visit my office. Usually have them fly to Toronto lol. Anything exciting happening in town this week? I’m arriving Wednesday leaving Saturday. Heading to try ToJo’s and blue water cafe for dinne. Need to find another place for dinner Wednesday or I’ll just go back to the hotel and sleep. Lol


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yeah...once again I showed up to vancouver and got sick...this time fairly bad. I had a bit of asthma before I flew to Vancity....after returning I was in emergency 4 times in 3 weeks with a total of 8 nights stay due to severe asthma and had a respirator for on for days...still recovering...must be the Sea salt in the air! lol...


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Geez, that's weird. I remember that last visit too. One of these days, eh? We just HAVE to meet up in person. :)

If you come out here again , I know it would be great to have dim sum with Mike too. I could even try and get us a behind the scenes tour of the Amazon Gallery at the Vancouver Aquarium. I've been in touch with the curator there over the years. I'm sure with your history as a stingray breeder the gates would swing wide open :)