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my aro jumped a few weeks back and damaged his head

after a few weeks this lump started to come up


he is still feeding fine

now im thinking i need to remove the aro and try to drain the lump or cut the tuma off if it is a tuma

its a big aro 28 inch and 6 years old

any advice would be good on what to put on the tuma if i cut it as i have never done this before


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My guess would be that it is more like a hernia; I am guessing that the fish' surface membrane/skin got cut in the fall, allowing for tissue from inside to "spill out". If so it should recede on its own over time. If not, remove the fish, sedate, and cut off with a razor? You are lucky the fish pulled through after the jump.


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he never jumped out just smash his head on the cover glass

its been about 3 weeks now at first just looked like damaged skin

i wasnt going to drug the fish as cant find anything i know tramsmore is the way to go but cant find it in the uk

its even harder to get people to hold the aro down when i cut

if i do need to cut is worryed that its a big open part and may get infected

how long shall i leave it before i know what i need to do


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That's the craziest thing I've ever seen. It looks like there are blood vessels in it so I would hesitate to cut it off. If you decide to cut it you can use clove oil to knock out the arowana. Puffer forums have the dosing amount. I've used it to knock my puffers out and trim their teeth. You can get it at most drugstores in Canada. Not sure about the UK. Its used for toothaches so look for it in the oral hygiene section.


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im so happy i didnt cut as it has sunk down a fair bit and in places the skin has rejoined the head

that was a close one :)