What would your dream aro community tank look like?


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Ya i'm still around My wife gave away everything in my tank. I've been over in asia working the last year and only come back for birthdays and holidays.
I see that this club has grown quite well. nice to see lots of new ppl joining this hobby.
How you been. back from Europe yet.


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Hi Nathan - been back and forth with Europe, mostly based in Canada these days. Yeah, this site just hums along with great input from lots of serious hobbyists, new and old. Kudos to Chen for keeping the site on an even keel :)

Anytime you want any fish for your family tanks in Canada I bet this site can find you what you are looking for!

Glad to hear all is well.


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A dream tank! a dream to have AA legals in the US. lol

Jokes, aside, a nice 10X4X3, would suit me with just one AA, lol and trio of Leopoldi rays. Fillers if Redhooks and large clown loaches, would be my dream tank. Sumps and canister filers.