Who is in charge?


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Well I hate to admit it, but my aro is in charge! I got him about 4 months ago and continue to try and train him to eat pellets. Everytime, he spits them out. :(

I moved him to his new home a month ago (340 gallon) and took advantage of the move - and only fed pellets. 10 days went by and he refused to eat. I gave up and fed him MP's.

A week ago I tried stuffing the prawns with pellets. First day - he fell for it and ate them! Ah - ha. I went to bed pretty darn proud of myself.:)

Second day, not so good. He grabbed each piece of prawn and shook it apart until all the pellet fragments fell out. Then he casually ate the prawn.:eek:

Third day - he refused to eat at all. I didn't even stuff the prawns. He simply sulked and swam right by them.

Two more days - he would take the prawn and toss it around a little but wouldn't eat it. Very disinterested.

Starting to get mildly concerned now as he has also become more agitated and picking on his tankmates (which he never does). Took a strike at my 10 inch clown loach and decided to try and nimble on my 12' bichir's head.

Day - 6 (yesterday): he ate the market prawn right away - just like the good old days.

Today - same thing - ate no problem.

Lesson learned! My aro is definitely in charge of his meal plan.