Win a copy of Indodragon 4 and some Hikari Food Sticks!

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Time for a new banner for the site and time for a new contest! Thus, if you are handy with a computer and can put together a new banner for the website you can win a free copy of Indodragon 4 by Hendri Leong and a 14 oz. package of Hikari Food Sticks. This prize would be valued at around $200 retail!

Rules for the contest:

Your design must incorporate the logo of the site: Community, Knowledge, Innovation

Your banner design should be emailed as a Jpeg attachment to [email protected]

The winning banner will be chosen by ALL the moderators of the site according to a vote

We look forward to seeing what people can come up with!
when is the deadline for this banner hehehehe?

any specific size or description
i.e. still or moving banner?

This will be used for the header right?
:) Thanks!
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Whoa! This is an impressive start! I'll try to get you the exact parameters you need, but like I said, looks impressive Eken! :)


Theo doesnt like the banner i made using my newbie photoshop skills
lol jkjk

Banner must have the incorporate the same slogan

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Sorry to be tardy in getting the details you need for the banner project. Hopefully Eken can help get the contest underway shortly as he takes on some Admin functions next week :)

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Eken won that contest some time ago; in fact it was no real contest, he produced our club's current banner very quickly and won the book :)

But you raise a good point. We need another contest of some sort...with a cool prize too...