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To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Dragonfish Canada importing Asian arowana, we are going to provide one Panda Gold Asian arowana FREE to a lucky winner!

There will be a contest of some sort, likely focussed on submitting a useful article about Asian arowana keeping.

Details to come in the following days! :)


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So...yeah...I may not be the fastest guy around when it comes to posting these days :)

In keeping with the tone of this thread, let's say I'll have the rules posted for the contest on Halloween :)


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Happy Halloween everyone!

As promised, here are the contest rules for the 15th anniversary Panda Gold give-away from Dragonfish Canada!

At first I was thinking it should be an article contest. But seeing as a Panda Gold (HBRTG) is a typical first Asian arowana, this could mean that articles would be mostly written by people new to the hobby of Asian arowana keeping. This would make it difficult to write a quality article of use for more experienced hobbyists. I have decided to have a dedicated Asian arowana article competition in the early New Year. The prize for that contest will be a quality Asian arowana book. More on that at a later date.

So, the rules for this contest are as follows:

1. You must have made at least five posts to this forum.

2. Reply to this thread with a post that includes a photo or video link to the aquarium you have available for a juvenile Asian arowana. The tank must be at least 180 gallons and measure at least 6X2X2. This is to guarantee the future care and health of the fish.

3. Make a guess as to the London, UK closing price for gold on December 2, 2019. Be the closest to the penny in US$. Gold price amounts chosen by entrants can only be used once, on a first come first served basis. For example, only one person could choose $888.88

Winner will be responsible for Westjet shipping cost of $120. Fish can be shipped anywhere Westjet flies in Canada. Fish will be provided by Dragonfish Canada and Panda Aquatics of Singapore. More details to be added to the contest later today, but this is the basic outline.

Good luck everyone!
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This contest seems deader than a doornail. No response. None. Nada.


Well, back to the drawing board. Let me come up with something more interesting early in the new year.

Until further notice, this contest is "on hold."


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I was getting ready to post a pic of my tank and start pricing out Asian aros in uk. But then I saw the last post