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A very interesting thread over at arofanatics: http://www.arofanatics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=511738

Quoted below:

Today, I have a qn regarding WTT

From reading old articles, I have learnt that the key of WTT to enhance GH are
1. White environment
2. Lighting
3. Low water level
4. Good water quality

So my qns are

1. I have pasted the sticker at bottom, sides and back but leaving the front clear.

-Should I now paste the sticker at the front(100%) too?

-Or just paste sticker above the water level and leaving the room to introduce LED from the front?

2. Im using 14watt (replacing 74watt) power saving tube on top

-should I turn it on 24 hrs? If not, how many hours?

-should I use cool daylight (white) or warmwhite (yellow)?

-Is it enough to have just 1 bulb on top, or I should put LED in front?

3. The water level is at 15 cm. for 6 inch fish, is it enough?

- if not how many cm.?
- if enough, at this depth, what the maximum length it can be kept?

4.I'm doing water change dialy, is that adequate or too little?

The questions raised above verge on "trade secrets" so it will be interesting to see what knowledge/information gets shared regarding answers. ;)


Arowana blogger
Here is a recent quote I got from Nic at Dreamfish concerning WTT:

WTT is a painful process of learning the dynamic of tank environment. Side wall should be non-reflective, wattage depend on grow and shine of scale development, spectrum...8,000k light give almost ideal of the combination spectrum of light. 24 hour tanning give the best result. Wattage should be low for the start. You need to monitor the scale colourization and adjust all variables accordingly. There's no one size fits all technique. Water level should not be over 6 inches.