Xingu x Leopoldi Pups!!


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Last night Feb 1/2012 my female Leopoldi gave birth to three pups and to my suprise they were not pure Leo's, two of the pups are definate hybrids and the only other male in there that is my xingu, which I did not think he was fully mature yet but I guess I was wrong. The other strange thing is the one looks pure Leo, so that definatly posses the question if ray can get pregnat by multiple partners?? I would have to say yes after seeing this trio.

Hope you enjoy :)



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Wow that is great this is the combo I've allways wanted to breed myself. If you sell any of the pups count me in for one. They look amazing right now!!


I would guess multiple partners or the rays ability to store sperm. What sexes are the pups? Where they all born around the same time or was there a gap between births? Great job lyder all is coming together.