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    Guess the fish

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    Wish you a quick recovery. Don't worry, Arowanas will still be available when you'll get better.
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    Endlies and Plecos - 50$ for all - Mtl Pickup

    Bumping an old thread.
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    Hey your're back. How was the operation.
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    Grade this fish please

    I think people should realize that "Cross Back" is just a term. Not all XBs will cross, just like not all Reds turn red, and just like Goldfish are not actually gold. In my humble opinion, BBXBs tend to cross less than your "Gold" XBs. From the age of the Arowana shown, pearlies are not all...
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    Endlies and Plecos - 50$ for all - Mtl Pickup

    Two (2) Endlies around 16-17 inch. 50$ or trade with something interesting. I do not ship.
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    FF in Toronto LFS ....

    Price range?
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    Any medium size Tigs out there?

    I thought Oliver had them on his list? (JMorash beat me...) And from Lucky Aquarium's website, they have them on special...
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    (2) FX5 - Montreal Area - Pickup

    Sold, kind of. Thanks
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    What is a XB x Highback called??

    I am assuming it depends on the farm and how the Aros end up looking. Most Aros found on the market today are some kind of hybrids. Farms inter-breed Aros to get the characteristics that the people are looking for, following the trends. They would mix RTGs and XBs to get a more dense gold...
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    (2) FX5 - Montreal Area - Pickup

    Last one pending.
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    Endlies and Parrots - Montreal Area - Pickup

    Bump with pictures:
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    Feng Shui Fish

    Best of luck with everything Bro. Hope you get a quick recovery.
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    Endlies and Parrots - Montreal Area - Pickup

    As title states: (2) Endlicheri 15-16", healthy and eat everything (MP, Massivore, SW) 80$ / each 120$ / both (7) Parrots (some are KKP I think) 5-6", healthy and eat everything 200$ / all Take everything for 300$. I will try to take pictures as soon as I can. Regards,
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    (2) FX5 - Montreal Area - Pickup

    As title states, I have two FX5 for sale. Still working fine and operating on my tanks right now. All filter media (Eheim Substrat) included. Asking for: 225$ / each 1 sold. Regards,