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  • hey Howard, happy CNY....how are things? whats going on with your setup? any updates?
    Hi Howard
    A friend of mine has one. He is going to post it soon. The same as mine. A blue barrell.
    Has been used for aged water only. It's a 90 gallon. He wants 60.00. Let me know. I can drop it off to you.
    how's Cat? mine is pretty skidish...I have him in the 60gal rubbermaid bin and everytime I lift the lid he goes crazy on me...he's not eating as much as I thought he would....I'm thinking about putting him into the big tank...I have enough driftwood for him to hide..what do you think?
    hows the tig? mine isn't eating that much right now...drop in a few massivore yesterday morning and is still around...is yours eating a lot?
    Hey, you ready for the plat etc this Friday? I'm going to have to put him in my sump until he gets bigger as I'm afraid my rays will eat him. My rays are attacking my new 5-6" silver dollars! Sigh.
    Well, I only want it because it is rare,
    and not many ppl can afford the space to
    keep it. By the way chen, can I drop by ur
    place sometime this weekend, just to see ur setup
    also get the info about clear customs.
    I will move to new place next month, so I would like
    to setup the tank around April.

    Personally I value prcfish more than bd leo, because u can't find it
    on the market.

    I will start saving after I acquire this piece.

    Also what should I do if I want to place 775gal
    in the middle of living room? Is it possible?


    hey...so Plat RTC? what do you thhink? should I get one with you? it's steep pricing as for that I can get another nice BD Female! lol....convince me!
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