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  • hey!...ok...I can't seem to get off the comm aro tank!...so here's something I'm investigating into!..

    Sell all my fish with the exceptions of my stingrays so the Plat RTC, 17" SR, 14" ST, and all my large SD's so the only fish in my tank are the rays!.

    Then I'm going to see about getting approx. 8-10 Aro's....perhaps and dependent on the prices....either 10 6-7" SR's from Brandon via Maju, or a combo of 5SR/5BBXB all around 6-7" to mix in with my Rays...only concern is my largest ray being at 14" might have some of them for dinner...not sure.....option 2 would be dependent on Bret's prices of his stock of Diablo Reds at between 8-10" which he probably has quite a few already in stock...I would grab 8-10 dependent on his cost...and this option would see me having the fish to me within a week or two after I get the funding..whereas if I order from Brandon through maju i won't see anything until mid to late october...!
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