1. D

    Acrylic aquarium for sale, Woodstock ontario

    This custom acrylic aquarium has a built in sump to the side and is interchangeable to suit your bioload. The swim space is 7 feet long, by 32" wide. It is only 16" tall so perfect for arowanas and or rays or even saltwater reef. Comes with strong wooden stand, all equipment as in heater...
  2. T

    Aquarium hobby related posters

    Some great quality posters for $12 each. For larger purchases discounts can be made. Poster size is 80cm by 60cm. Shipping available at additional cost to buyer. I am located in Toronto, Ont Below is a list of available posters: Pleco I Corydoras I Corydoras II Drawf Cichlid...
  3. A


    Aquadecor, as the first and only produser of Museum style luxury aquariums on the market.This makes Aquadecor the industry leader in hand crafted 3D AQUARIUMS. please visit our website and 4000sq showroom located in Mississauga.
  4. Canadian Aqua Farm

    Canadian Aqua Farm Discus & Black Worms - New Website!!!

    Exciting news from CAF!!! I have launched a new website/e-store. The web address has not changed, it is still The new site is much more user friendly. The new shopping cart makes placing orders a breeze. The "My Account" area is full of new features that will...
  5. M

    looking for tank for my rays

    Hey guys, my custom 180 broke and i have my rays sitting in a friends tank while i search for a new one. Obviosly looking for something with max surface area, even a large rectangular pond will do as long as i can put it inside. Let me know if you have anything.
  6. G

    New Aquarium Arrival!

    BOYU AQUARIUMS ARE HERE! CHECK THEM OUT BEFORE THEY ARE ALL SOLD OUT! These aquariums are built for Arowanas with a very impressive filtering system that is built in. Size:1040x487x1550(mm) l:270L Size: 1506Lx656Wx1665H(mm) l:546L Colour: DRAWBENCH GOLD Size...
  7. M

    Mike in Surrey

    Hello, I'm Mike Baynes of CBC fame<grin> I have not got into Arowana yet. I'm also on BCAquaria forum where the CBC story has attracted a lot of attention. As reported on the news I have 19 tanks in my sunroom/fishroom 1 gallon to 80 gallon. 3 more in...
  8. G

    Big Red Arowanas!

    Check out the Arowana video we just posted! Chili Red, King Red, VIP Red