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    L340 Hypancistrus sp. Feeding Video

    I was really impressed with this group of new imports. Very pretty, and obviously very active, hypans. Price: $25 ea. or 3 for $60
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    For Sale: Blue Eye Panaque - GREAT PRICE! I have two blue eye panaque for sale, both are 8 inches and have been in captivity for two months. Very healthy and active. Price - $475 ea. This is a fantastic price for one of the rarest and most expensive plecos available...
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    L46 Hypancistrus Zebra Feeding Time!

    Here's a video of my L46 tank at feeding time
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    For Sale: 12 inch Maju BBXB Arowana

    An excellent opportunity to grab one of the larger Maju BBXB's that I've seen to date. Here's a video shot yesterday morning - YouTube - Flyfish Import & Export - CV Maju Blue Base Cross Back Arowana This fish is exhibiting excellent colouration and is eating SW and occasional MP. It...
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    Flyfish Fall Arrivals

    In keeping with my business philosophy of providing my clients with the rarest and most desirable fish, coupled with industry leading customer service, I'm pleased to present the newest arrived stock: LDA105 Pseudacanthicus sp. "Fire Spot Cactus" AKA "Typhoon" Pleco (4-5 inches), $375 ea. -...
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    FS: L46 Zebra - AMAZING DEAL!

    I have more zebras than I know what to do with-- not a bad problem to have! Still, I need to make some room for incoming fish, and it's time to let go of a few. All fish are 2"+ and have been in Canadian water for over two months now. Eating frozen bloodworms, brine shrimp and massivore...
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    Picking-Up Fish from the Airport

    If you're outside Vancouver, Edmonton or Toronto OR you're ordering from a seller out of province, you are inevitably going to be faced with the challenge of picking up fish at the airport. I know that my first time picking up fish at the airport was a nerve-wrecking and exciting experience, and...
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    L46 Hypancistrus Zebra & L25 Scarlet Cactus

    L46 Hypancistrus Zebra & L25 Scarlet Cactus *RARE* L46 Hypancistrus Zebra, all around 2 1/2 inches, very active and healthy. Price is $150 ea., or 3 or more @ $140 ea. L25 Scarlet Cactus are all around 3.5-4 inches, active and eating voraciously. All are in excellent shape, with dark base...
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    For sale: L46 and L240

    I just received a very nice shipment of L46 and L240. L46s are all around 2 1/2 inches and very healthy. L240s are nice and big-- 6 inches +-- and very active. Prices are as follows: L46 - $165 ea., or $150 ea. for 3 or more L240 - $25 ea. If you're interested, shoot me a PM or email at...