Flyfish Fall Arrivals


In keeping with my business philosophy of providing my clients with the rarest and most desirable fish, coupled with industry leading customer service, I'm pleased to present the newest arrived stock:

LDA105 Pseudacanthicus sp. "Fire Spot Cactus" AKA "Typhoon" Pleco (4-5 inches), $375 ea. - The rarest pseuda PERIOD. This fish is almost never available in the trade, especially in North America.

L240 Leporanthicus Glaxias "Vampire Pleco" (4-5 1/2 inches), $25 ea. - Beautiful dark black base with bright white spots. A very active and visible fish.

L273 Pseudacanthicus sp. "Titanicus" Pleco (2 1/2 inches), $160 ea. - One of the more colourful pseudas, exhibiting bright yellow blotches.

L191 Panaque Nigolineatus "Dull-Eye Royal" Pleco (3 inches), $15 ea. - Much nicer than the common royal, these are fascinating and extremely active as juveniles. The panaque is the only Loricariid species that is capable of surviving almost entirely on driftwood (though they readily accept almost all foods!).

Panaque Suttoni "Blue Eye Panaque" (8-9 inches), $550 - One of the most desired plecos in the trade, these fish exhibit beautiful dark base colouration with bright blue eyes. A true showpiece fish!

L333 Hypancistrus sp. "Gold Tiger" Pleco (2 inches), $25 ea. - A great stepping stone into the world of hypans, these fish are currently being successfully bred by a handful of Canadian hobbyists.

Ancistrus sp. "Super Red" Variant (3 inches+), $15 ea. - The common and albino bristlenose is a staple in the aquarium trade. The super red variant represents years of expert selective line-breeding. Be one of the first in Canada (and few in North America) to get these breeding!

Shipping available across Canada.

I am a long-time supporter of this forum and know many of the members here on a first name basis. To show my continued support, I am happy to offer a 10% discount on all plecos to members for the month of September. People who've done business with me in the past will attest that I move very quickly, and so too do my fish. Act now to take advantage of this opportunity!

For a look at my full stock list & updates on Flyfish, please visit my website at


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Quick update:

L240 and LDA105 are all sold.

I also have two large L191 Dull Eye Royal Panaque available, both around 10 inches. You can view a video of them [ame=""]here[/ame].

Price is $135 ea., or $250 for the pair.

PM or email [email protected] if interested!