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    3 large red tail tinfoil barbs for sale, or trade

    Im selling my barbs, they are a good 5" each and healthy! They eat any pellet and are active.I'm asking $40 for the trio or another fish that is a good arowana partner, eg. Flagtail, dat, loach, etc. I can deliver to certain areas.
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    2014 FALL Arowana Shipment!

    NEW AROWANA SHIPMENT!! GREAT PRICES and QUALITY! This Year we were able to go to Singapore again to hand pick the Arowanas Red Tail Golden (5-6 inches) $399 each Hi Back Gold (5-6 inches) $599 each Cross Back Gold (10 inches) Chili Red, Super Red, Blood Red (7-8 inches) Blood Red (6...
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    New Aquarium Arrival!

    BOYU AQUARIUMS ARE HERE! CHECK THEM OUT BEFORE THEY ARE ALL SOLD OUT! These aquariums are built for Arowanas with a very impressive filtering system that is built in. Size:1040x487x1550(mm) l:270L Size: 1506Lx656Wx1665H(mm) l:546L Colour: DRAWBENCH GOLD Size...
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    Great Koi and Goldfish Prices!

    Goldfish ( 8 cm) 4 for $10 Koi ( 5-6 to 8 inches ) $7.99 - $12.99 Big Lotus Plant (Purple, Pink, Yellow) $45 each *Also Next week we have Japanese Kois arriving!
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    Big Red Arowanas!

    Check out the Arowana video we just posted! Chili Red, King Red, VIP Red
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    New Arrival !!!!!

    New Fish Arrivals! VERY SPECIAL PRICES! Wild Wolf Fish $35-45 each Red Fin $28 each Altum Angel Fish (9-10cm) $28 each Motoro Sting ray Orinoco (12-18cm) $168 each
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    RED NAN LIGHT, 48 inches THAT IS VERY GOOD FOR AROWANA AND RED KOI. Makes colour of the fish come out very beautifully! Was price: $179- each Now price: $88- each
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    RED LAMP LIGHT THAT IS VERY GOOD FOR AROWANA AND RED KOI. Makes colour of the fish come out very beautifully! Was price: $179- each Now price: $88- each
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    THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT INTERESTING FISH THAT JUST ARRIVED ALONG WITH FISHES THAT EVERYONE IS LOOKING FOR. RED FIN 9-10 cm ON SALE ONLY $15 each Small Clown Loaches ONLY $5.99 each 3 for $12 Along with some interesting fish that is not found in Toronto. Very easy to take care...
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    We have new arrivals on Clown Loaches Size: 4cm ON SPECIAL 3 for $10!!! Silver Arowana's Size: 5 inches On SPECIAL $22 each - 3 for $60!!!
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    Chinese New Year Sale and New Fish!!!

    Good News for everyone! We have specials for our Chinese New Year Sale!!!! Silver Arowana $18 each - 3 for $45 Black Arowana $68 each - 3 for $180 Very Good Prices, on our new FISH!
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    VIP King Arowana and Albino Leopard Snake Skin Discus

    ALL THE FISH ARE FROM SINGAPORE. Albino Leopard Snake Skin and Ruby Red Discus VIP KING RED AROWANA
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    Product on Sale!

    Best Fish foods and Boyu Products!!!
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    fs African Lungfish or Protopterus annectens brantford on P/U

    hey i have a 26'' African Lungfish up for grabs in good health eatting pretty much everything mostly silver sides tho...the left side of his jaw has a big bump that he has had since he was a baby nothing bad just a brith defect...currently in a 230 gallon tank with a gaint gourami. pm if...