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I saw my first Asian arowana (a trio of baby greens) in a Vancouver pet shop back in 1981. Alas, someone contacted the SPCA and they were seized from the shop due to their being "illegal". The owner was not happy.

I did not get to see my next Asian aros until I travelled to Asia for the first time in 1986. I still remember the first time I saw the RTG in the photo below. It was at the main train station in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I thought this RTG was really wonderful, still do actually when I look at the photo. The Malaysian army dude in green fatigues with the M16 was patrolling the train station I think.

The other two photos are of Singapore back then; one shows how undeveloped this section of the harbour was; I don't think you would find old fishing junks there today. The other photo was taken not that far from Orchard Road. I've heard that one-two bedroom apartments in the background of the double decker bus photo go for upwards of 3 million USD now. From the outside they look the same today, though the roofs are in better shape, and maybe they have a fresh coat of paint. You could have got one of those apartments very cheaply back then. :)


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I like this section, Theo. A great place to share all the adventures you and other members have been on. I plan on making a trip out to SE Asia next year some time, so it's great to hear/read about these experiences.


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cool...have to show some pics i took from my trip back to Malaysia 3 years ago of some nice bit araprima's


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I think this is going to become my favourite part of the site over time. I have a lot of photos and travels to share, and really hope everyone else on the forum will share their photos and stories too. And if it encourages people to go travel and see where their fish come from, well, that's all good. :)