2010 Calendar Project and Special Photos


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RTG Gerry, someone who needs no introduction to members of this forum, is interested in preparing a calendar for the 2010 year based on Canadian Asiana arowana photos. There is also the possibility for him to take personal photos - professional photos - of individual hobbyists' fish. I propose bringing him out to BC this coming summer to do a photo shoot of various people's Asian arowana setups. It could be a lot of fun, it could lead to a wonderful calendar, and it could provide serious hobbyists with once-in-a-lifetime photos of their prized fish.

This would be open to BC hobbyists in the lower mainland initially. There is always a chance that Gerry could tie in other trips to additional locations in Canada too...

So, what do you think of the idea? I will contact the BC aro hobbyists I know of and hopefully get them to contribute to this thread. :)
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James Sananikone

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Excellent Idea Theo ! :)

I will be in this project for sure, Gerry has an exceptional talent.

With the skill he has, he can make me look better than Brad Pitt ... :p

What we need now is some available photos from Gerry and Get the quotations from different printing company to get an idea of our cost.

What kind of format, quality... printing localy or may be oversae if cheaper,
We will ask the printing company to make us some samples. Then we can propose the idea to potential buyers ( Sponsors ) to have their name or logo on our calender ...

This's just an idea that I'm thinking of right now, I know many bright ideas from others brothers will get comming...



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Great idea! Let us know when the project gets farther along so that we can look for sponsors for the project. A picture of a sponsors fish included with the ad might entice more people. And I would definitely buy a couple calendars!