2013 Abu Dhabi GP


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2 more weeks to go before I take my trip to Dubai/Abu Dhabi to catch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix....will be there for 10 days....once again going alone so no dead weight to drag around so should be fun.

Good timing/bad timing. Now that i have a new BD Pup....and being away for 10 days...I'd rather not have my kids do water change if I set up a new tank for the pup. I might set up a sponge filter and have my kids empty out half the water every 3 days and refill with water from the main tank....should work...main trick is now to get her eating before I go.

Photos of the GP to come when I get back! Race is first weekend of Nov.


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Sounds like a lot of fun Chen. Visit some aquarium shops and you might be able to export your F1 rays to Abu Dhabi for top dollar. :)


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How comes you have so much time to spare for all your HOBBIES and I have none? Lol

LOL...not much time...2 F1 trips a year spread out is not much spare time! :)

Just got my confirmation! Yaaahooo.. I'm on the Amber lounge Super Yacht for the race weekend! Jeeeefffery...wanna come?
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Outrageous experience....station pretty much on a 145ft yacht during my time there with nice rides....these are the photos I can show... :) Need to start saving for Monaco next May...

The yacht

Some F1 Friends I met there and from other races I've been to

Far East Movement that was playing the after race party