230G Reseal project.... SO much for One tank...Damn stingrays


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I was planning on just keeping my one 300 gallon.... its big enough right...... Then i got an adult pair of motoro and Bang..... I need a new tank for babies and more ARO's :)....
So I ended up finding a 230 gallon old reef tank for a real good price, Got it home and scrubbed it out and removed all the sand and old corals. It was drained and left in a shop for 2 years and it was FILTHY.....
After a day of scrubbing and scrapeing i found 2 things.....
1 It has starfire glass front and a smoked bottom and back :)
2 it needs new silicone..... So out comes the tools :(
Ive got her all cleaned out, Taped up and ready to get to the caulking tommorow morn..... Wish me luck and any advice would be worth its weight in gold.





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Wow, good find and good luck! Word of advice! Silicone better on glass then on hands! :)

And nice aro pictures you have on the back ! Lol


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There was honestly so much salt and Grass???alge on the glass i didnt even notice it was smoked till i started scrubbing it.... 2 years to let it dry it was scaling off with the scraper....
Awesome pleco :) thats exactly what i grabbed.... couldnt find any ge 1200.
Chen.... those pics are all over here.... My shop has $50,000 wall paper LOL at $20-$30 a Sq foot paid in loonies :)


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For the silicone application i was thinking to use a section of rubber mat and just cut a 45 angle about 3/8 of an inch and use that as a spreader????
You think that would work better than fingers?


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Nice looking tank. How much did you get it for if you don't mind me asking? Was it a C list tank?


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I'd let it cure for a week before you fill it. Besides that it looks like you know what you are doing.

I would let it cure longer then that even. When I had my large tank made they told me not to put any water in it for 3-4 weeks, so it could fully cure properly.


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Who made your large tank pleco? Everyone i talk to says 48 hrs is minimum after that there is no chem sepage and its fully bonded.
Kind of scary as my 300 was built and filled within 2 weeks and the maker said it was ready to go within the first week?
Also I was wanting to leak test it in the shop before i get it inside..... and its going to snow soon so I was looking to get that all done this weekend??? what do you guys figure?


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Well all said and done.... It was a great experience :) now fingers crossed and knocking on wood she holds water LOL.




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Been full 2 days now :) everything holds great bulkheads are sealed. I was getting the boys ready to move it in tonight and I ended up buying matching 180's already up and running so this guy is going up for sale now..... Make a good grow out or something