500 gallon tank/filtration/stingrays


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500 gallon drilled acrylic tank and stand -6 years old
Measuring -8ftx2ftx25inches


Aquascape aqua force 5,284 gph- 2 years old

1000 watt True temp titanium heater- 6 months old

5 stage water purification

Wave maker-3 years old

Fountain systems air pump 3,965c.i/min - 2 years old

Coral life turbo twist 36 watt UV
4 years old

Oase pond filter with 55 watt UV
2 years old

2 -55 gallon barrels for filtration

1st barrel has a pre filter and 30 liters of K1

2nd barrel has a Bakki shower filter set up in it. A 1,250 gph pump for Bakki filter with 20lbs of bacteria house media and also 20lbs of Biohome Media

4 -Orbit Marine LED Light bars....3ft in length.... each with own remote

Varies other parts and equipment (heaters,pumps,etc)

Equipment $6,000

3 p13’s(Black Diamond) stingrays. Also 3 p14’s(Galaxy)Stingrays. 2 of which are breeding
All purchased and imported with Dragonfish from CV Maju in Singapore

Male Galaxy- Status- Breeding
31/2 years old
Approximately 14-15 inches
Price $1,200
Female Galaxy- Status- Pregnant
3 1/2 years old
Approximately 15-16 inches
Price $1,500
Male Galaxy- Status- Pup
4 months old
Approximately 6 inches
Price $500
Female Black Diamond- Status- Maturing
2 years old
Approximately 14-15 inches
Price $1,500
Male Black Diamond- Status-Ready to breed
2 years old
Approximately 17-18 inches
Price $1,500
Female Black Diamond-Status-Just started dating
21/2 years old
Approximately 15-16 inches
Price $1,500
Datnoid- Status- Maturing
Approximately 9 inches
Imported from CV Maju in Singapore

Would rather to sell stingrays in pairs.

Breeding galaxies as a pair $2,300

Male and female package BD’s

I am willing to deliver rays due to their size to a certain distance from Kelowna B.C

If would like whole package. Tank and rays


Please pm if interested

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WOW....Amazing gears and Rays!!!!! amazing!
Chen88.....thank you....coming from such a accomplished ray keeper like yourself means a lot.....you gonna get back into rays soon?....always loved your set ups....really impressive....


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3 galaxy male pups- sold
Datnoid - sold
Female Galaxy- N/A

Still have 4 rays available:

2 females Black Diamond
1 male galaxy
1 male black diamond