Another tank size question


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I know I Know....yup I have read recommendations.....the bigger the least six foot least 24"wide.

I have a 60"L x 36"W x 27"H tank otherwise known as a 250 gallon deep dimension. I just want honest opinions here. Is there any type of adult Arowana that I could humanely keep long term in this tank? Or am I best off looking for another.

Thanks David


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I think your tank dimensions are fine for most adult cross backs, which often max out at 22-24 inches. Super reds, however, can max out at 25-30 inches, which might be too big for your tank. Tough call since the three feet turning radius your tank provides is pretty generous. If it was me, I'd go for it.


I had a highback in a 60x30x24 and he was fine... but the question is more about you to be honest. I could tell that, coming from a normal 180, that extra length was missed as he was doing a lot more circles than before.

The extra width in my opinion is not as good as the length. So could it live in there? Yeah, but if I were to start up a new tank and didn't have a tank already I would be looking for a 180 vs the one you have. But if it was a forever tank i would wait for something that was at least 30 across and 6 feet wide. As setting up a tank, plumbing etc is something you only want to do once if possible