Blood Red Oscars - WANTED


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Hey guys, I figured this would be the best spot to ask this with so many great connections to Asia here. Im looking for a bunch of these awesome Blood Red Oscars. They've never been in Canada or the US before that I am aware of, but can be found over seas for pretty reasonable prices ($30-40 ea). Wondering if anyone would be interested in bringing some in? Ive got around 20 of them pre-sold if its a possibility......

Pics of them can be found here -




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They have been around for a while and I bought a couple quite a while back at a lfs. No longer have them but I will see if I can find some pics. Actually "Joey" on here used to have one back in 2008.

There are also called "ruby red oscar", "super red oscar".
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I would personally spend the extra and get them from somewhere far away. Problem with any selectively bred fish (especially Oscars) is they tend to get crappier along the line. I actually bought a few from a local fish store a few years back and they got bad HITH on a drip system... I would source some from Jeff Rapps Stellar guy and although he may not have them I bet you money he will know where to get them.