bottom cleaner for small aro?


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Looking for ideas for a small cat or something similar to clean up the bottom of the six foot 125 I just put a 6" aro in. He's eating hikari pellets and is making a bit of a mess with it so I'd like to add something non-threatening to clean up the scraps. :)

I have cories, but I worry the aro may try to eat one?

Edit: forgot to mention I have a sand substrate and I'm too lazy right now to remove it, lol nor do I have space to store it.
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You have a few options, Gerry.

Believe it or not, I keep red-spotted shrimp in with my aro. They get quite big (6 inches +) and they do a good job of hiding under the drift wood during the day. They eat almost anything, including hikari pellets and even mealworms that the aro misses.

I've also got some omnivorous plec's-- a trio of L91 three beacon's that eat shrimp and hikari pellets, as well. These guys are too big for the aro to eat (again, 6 inches+), and they love the sand substrate.


I used to keep clown loaches as a clean up crew. They always seemed eager to eat the scraps that fell to the bottom, plus they are very comical to watch.


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I agree, clown loaches are one of the best clean up crews....I'd get a few of them but my rays might clean them up.. :d