Cambodian Tigers summer 2012


Arowana blogger
Here is the deal so far: Chen in Toronto is in for two, Eken for one; a fellow in Vancouver named Wilson and I are in for another two.

That leaves four fish left as of this moment.

The owner can drive the fish to Toronto for division amongst buyers and/or trans-shipping.

We will likely need Eric (EEYY) to help us out to make this work. Trans-shipping is the tricky part. Brandon had a bad shipment a while back, Mike in Vancouver has received dead CT's from H2O before too.

I have had success with the ones I shipped in the past (including some at 22 inches).

I have a special latex bag for shipping I can ship out for use, might be able to dig up another one or two.

Pricing of fish varies for buyers depending on the role they are playing, number of fish bought in this deal.

I have sent a pm to Eric (EEYY), hopefully he can help make this work.