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I think eventually they should be ok to go from Mexico, just not in the first couple of years!. They are coming out with a new look for 2016 but won't show up on the roads until 2017. If you can I'd get the 2015 models. When I got my Sq5 last august, my president loved it so much from the raw power he traded in his less than one year old X5 and we got him a SQ5 identical to mine but he had all black interiors as my red/black was a special order.

Q5's are nice.......if you do a lot of driving and want to save on gas, get the diesel.


I test drove the 3.0 but have not drove the tdi version yet. The plan is to pick up a 2015 at the end of this year. Not a fan of the 2016 look and the fact that it will be made in Mexico is not very enticing. The SQ5 is nice but it's heavy on gas and I do drive around a lot. Ill worry about the car after the wedding in September but definitely a Q5! I test drove the audi, infinity, Lexus, and Benz mid size suvs and q5 came up on top!!! Any issues with the car? Electronics wise? My current Benz drives wonderfully but a few minor electrical issues. Typical...


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stay away from test driving the SQ5....I can't drive any other Q5's right now after driving my sQ5 with all that power...I had a courtesy A4 the other day while my Sq5 was getting an oil god what a difference in the power...I couldn't wait until I got it back. No issues with it so far...and I drive a lot (45-50K Km per year). I got it mid August 2014 and it already has 33K KM on it. One of my staff was going to pick one up as well but I've convinced him to get the new Merc AMG 45....told him we already have 2 SQ5's in the driveway...don't need a 3rd! lol...the AMG 45 is slightly cheaper than the SQ5 but also smaller. I'm not worrying about mileage as company car, company gas although I own part of it. I always drive mine where it delivers most power in sports mode so It sucks on gas but I do 80% of my daily commute on the highway. I'm no big fan of the new q5's either