Checking out prices (from supplier) for the following items ....


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Once i know the prices, I will post them out. Then if you guys are interested to get later on, please feel free to PM me. If the demand is there, I can offer a group purchase (at least 5 items shipping to a same location)

Prices might not be the same as I previously posted due to the stronger $USD.

They are as follows:

- 20L Seachem Prime and Stability (yes, 20L, not a typo)

- Milwaukee monitor:
1) SMS 120 ph monitor

2) SMS 122 ph controlle

3) SMS 125 ph/ORP controller

4) SMS 310 conductivity (EC) monitor

Thanks. :):)
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Prices are excluding Canada Post shipping cost.

Payment method: Direct deposit or Interac e-mail money transfer

Here they are.

Per Item Price: ($ single item / $ group purchase of 5 items or more)

20L prime ($380 / $350 )

20L stability ($300 / $270 )

Milwaukee monitor:
sms 120 ph monitor ($135 / $120 )

sms 122 ph controller ($160 / $140 )

sms 125 ph/ORP controller ($290 / $275 )

sms 310 conductivity (EC) monitor ($135 / $120 )

I don't have these items available right now. It would usually take 5 - 7 business days to be delivered to my place.

Please PM me it you are interested.

Thanks. :)
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First cut-off point will be on Feb 14, 2010.

I am personally getting 20L Prime and Stability is because it is cheaper (on per-L-basis) that way and don't need to re-order all the time.

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Updates: The shipment being shipped out last Friday and I should receive it sometime this week.

- 20L Stability & Prime
- Milwaukee ph and conductivity monitors
- Milwaukee buffer solution (in ph 4.01 / 7.01 / 10.01)
- Mag-drives (7 / 9.5 / 12 / 18)
- Aqua ultraviolet UV replacement lamps (8 watt and 15 watt)

For items that I haven't not post out the price yet, once I figure out the exact shipping cost, I will post them out.
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Updates: This shipment will delay probably until at least next Monday.

Thanks for your patient.


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Shipment arrived.

Seachem Prime and Stability (4L Vs 20L) << One 20L Seachem Stability left >>

Mag-Drive (7 / 9.5 / 12 / 18)
- Mag-drive 7: $110 (firm)
- Mag-drive 9.5: $135 (firm)
- Mag-drive 12: $170 (firm)
- Mag-drive 18: $210 (firm)



Milwaukee SMS 120 Ph monitor
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4L Seachem Stability also available. Price: $90 (firm) plus shipping cost (if it is necessary).

All new.

PM me if you are interested.
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