Coming Soon!!!

You better get your tank up and running soon! lol.

Was just pointed out I didnt put "pair" for the leopoldi. To clarify its $2000 for a pair, not for a single pice.
OK Goliath African Tiger is ok to import. Vittatus however is on the banned list...

I will be bringing in Goliaths!

Goliath African Tiger 5 inch $150
Tanzania African Tiger 5 inch $180
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all good chen you will find a way! maybe give up your F1 trips lol. jk.

for those asking for pic reference of the difference between TATF or GATF (African Tigers) here is the difference. TATF is the newer/rarer of the species. Harder to obtain and comes from a different locality than GATF. Both fish are around 4.5-5 inch.

TATF - Has double black lines on their tail.

GATF - Has red on lower part of tail