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I just cleaned out my freezer, had 6 dead Asian arowana there from the last 4 years. Total wholesale value of the 6 fish is about $10,000. Ouch :( !

One super red died by jumping (the big red), one super red died by stingray poison (the second biggest one), one very nice gold cross back (special genetics - "Ocean Blue") died for unknown reason following two months of bad digestion, and the other three fish were all D.O.A. when I imported them.

I am going to go dig a hole in my backyard and bury these fish. It is not every day that you literally throw $10,000 into a hole in the ground. :D

My son says it is good that I can laugh about it. :)


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Theo, happens to all of us! I lost a blood red arowana back in the days. Had him for 3 months only to fall victim to a widebar datnoid. I had both separated in my 135 gallon with an egg crate, water level 50%, egg crate had a 2 inch gap to the top lid. Aro managed to jump through that 2 inch gap and got it's a** kicked by the datnoid. I remember my parents called me and broke the bad news. It was a terrible day at school lol


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Yeah, so true Mike. Over the last ten years of importing Asian arowana I'd say I've had about 15-20 "Dead On Arrival" fish in total. That includes about 5 that were lost back in the beginning with Kenta. I think I've imported somewhere around 800-1000 fish, so about a 1.5-2% DOA rate. That means there is a 98-98.5% chance that there won't be any problems on any given import. Of course I have heard of some real "fish tragedies" over the years from different clients. There was one fellow I know who lost 9 high end Aros in a community tank a little while ago. This was due to a power failure. Sometimes bad stuff happens. All you can do is try to minimize the risk.


Usually I'll say nice pics but can't say that this time. Dead fish always look pretty bad and they usually have an interesting story to tell. Glad you have a high success rate on your imports.

Good idea to clean out the freezer, make room for some more food for the family.