DFI arowana opening sale


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Hi all friends,

My name is Vince,
It is with great pleasure and im very excited to have the opportunity to import some nice DFI arowana fishes at a very reasonable price (top quality with an affordable pricetag ) to sale in this forum.As we all know, DFI arowanas have a well known reputation for their quality and have to go through their strick selection.
Thank to mrs Goh for this once a lifetime opportunity.

Here is the opening Big sales.

7-8 inch Royal blue cross back .$777 cad
7-8 inch Sapphire gold cross back. $ 888 cad
7-8 inch 24K gold cross back.20% gold line on head $ 999 cad
7-8 inch 24K gold Golden Head 50% $ 1488
6+ inch Ruby Red . $ 999 cad
8+ Inch Ruby Red . $ 1388 cad

If you have a special request about the arowanas please contact me and I will make your dream come true. :),

Hurry up and place your order. this great deal expired the 22th of February 2014.
all fish are limited quantity.
Please following this link and see for yourself why DFI has of the top quality fishes and how it is now possible for you to own one too.


Shipping free if you buy 2 or more.
Shipping everywhere in canada +- 100$

fish will arrive in the begin of May 2014

Thanks for your support.
[email protected]
Vince :1 -514 961-5880


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Very nice Vince, I ll be the first who want 2 ruby red ok bro? Call me when fish is. Coming.
Thank you Vince