discus with rays ?


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so as of right now im down to about 20 discus that are all around the 6 inch mark give or take with the 4 rays in my 420 gallon. Now im looking to add 1 bbxb about 18 or 20 inch i have seen aros with discus but the aro wasnt that big the one im getting has been with fish smaller then discus with no problems and i am ok with taking a few hits on my discus as the rays usualy get to about 1 every couple of months

am i crazy or do i have a good shot of one sweet looking tank with my dream stock list (if only my frt didnt turn to the dark side )


I have done discus and rays... going to do it again with the new tank as well.

It works out great for the most part. Almost all requirements are the same or at least very similar. Which is a huge plus. Water requirements and diet are basically the same. Discus become the scavengers of the tank almost.

Big rays can hold down some big fish though... so if your rays are big enough, then they will eventually get a hold of one(mostly out of curiosity) and then munch on it a bit... killing the discus. Possibly.

I havent seen it happen much... but the day i watched a 10-12" motoro pin a beefy 8" severum up against the glass for extended periods of time, it changed my outlook. While he did no damage, he could have if that were his intentions.

If the discus are big enough, and the rays are well fed, then i would say it should be fine. Especially if the rays are small and have a chance to grow up with the discus in the tank.

I'd say give it a shot, see what happens. Worse case scenario, you lose a discus but learn for sure if the combo will work in your tank. I have never seen a discus pick on a ray before though.


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haha i guess i put the wrong title i was wondering about discus with arowana ahhhaha i already know it works with the rays


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Yes it depends. I kept 7 discus 1 ray and 1 aro before. The male motoro I had was so friendly to other fish he never bothers aro or discus. I did hear though when stingrays grow bigger they might want to try to attack discus, although mine never did. My stingray was not picky with food at all so he was always well fed so that may be why.