DIY Ray Pond Divider


I've built a lot of tank dividers in my day, but this one posed some bigger challenges. Some of the issues I had to overcome:

- the tank is 5 1/2' wide X 3 1/2' high
- the tank has four rays, ranging in size from 16" - 20", so strength was key
- the sheer volume of the water meant the divider had to be strong and heavy enough to avoid buoyancy

I settled on a 1 1/2 " PVC pipe frame, using elbow a T connectors to connect them. Once glued and assembled, I filled the PVC frame with 40 lbs of play sand, and built an arm on each side to affix it to the concrete sides of the tank. For netting, I used a plastic mesh I found at Home Depo and strapped this to the PVC frame with cable ties.

I think it came out pretty good, and it's doing its job so far!


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