F1 Channa Aurantimaculata ( orange spotted/golden cobra snakehead)


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As the title says I have CB F1 auranti for sale. This is a first for canada! They are almost 3 months old, roughly 2-3" and growing fast. They Will eat anything that hits the water currently the staple in their diet is NLS pellets.

I'm asking 80 each or 6 for 300.

E-mail me if interest or with any questions.


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Working on getting pics of the juvies , in the mean time here are the parents!



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well...we don't condone selling illegal fish on here...whether it be in ontario and or Canada...so best not to be discussing activities not endorsed by the the admin nor mods....sorry to be the wind to blow this dark cloud elsewhere!


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And to clarify , these are LEGAL in canada , however there are couple provinces that have put bans in place.

I can own them legally here in New Brunswick and my understanding is that there are no laws against shipping anywhere in canada. the individual provincial bans/regulations are in regards to owning/selling/shipping them within the province. I consider it the buyers responsibility to know their local laws and obtain the permits/permissions when applicable.

mr ry

Snakeheads are only illegal in Ontario and BC just last year... Only Northern Snakeheads species arnt allowed in bc... All snakeheads I think r in Ontario...