Fall 2016 Stingray Order


Arowana blogger
I want to order some nice captive bred stingrays in the near future. I can source pure BD, BD/Leo, Henlei, Henlei hybrid, pearl, pearl hybrid, and others.

The last import went very well and all customers were very satisfied with the fish. See: http://www.arowanaclub.ca/forums/showthread.php?t=6602

I've attached a couple photos of some of the rays from my last import in February 2016. I'll upload a video of two pure BD's I have in my home tank tomorrow.

If you are interested in getting some nice freshwater stingrays at great prices, contact me at [email protected]



Arowana blogger
I'll ask about the hystrix, but my guess is no.

Also, this is not a CV Maju order.

Apologies for not getting a video of my home BD rays yet, been busy. Will get it up this weekend.