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Attached find the PDF for all the pricing information.

The company is Pangea Rocks out of Denmark. I spent an afternoon with the owner one day last summer. He is big in the industry. He won the contract for the new $150 million US national aquarium in Denmark. He also does personal aquariums all over the world for the super rich - think Middle Eastern royalty, movie stars, that kind of thing.

Nathan, all that crazy rock work done in Nico's mega tank came from Pangea. :)

Check out

So, anyone interested?


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If shipping my way isn't a logistical nightmare or ridiculously expensive I would be happy with maybe somewhere between 50 to 100 lbs of ceramic rings or something. I see that you can only order in tons, so I will just see what everyone else orders and go from there. Depending on how long away this order I may bring in more so I can sell it locally.



Arowana blogger
I will post up the links and other information for the company soon and hopefully we can make it happen.