First Dreamfish

nice, what kind of lights do you have?
Got two Glo T5 HO 36" double bulb units.....each unit has one 39 watt life-glo bulb..... and a 39 watt power-glo bulb.....they are on a timer for 12 hours each day....they seem to be working.....was looking into tanning lights....but.....seems like the cons out way the pros saying that I would like to get a "tanning" light to see what the difference would be like....I would most likely use it for short viewing durations....but not in a rush to try them yet....
Finally had a chance to look at your pics. Very nice Matt, I'm almost regretting selling it to you:D
Even with the enhanced lighting the scale color is very impressive.

Finally figured this picture thing out. Thanks to Mr ry and exotic aquaria:D