Force feeding my fish cooked pea's :)


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Well the title says it all! I picked up this beautiful red severum from a member that has a pretty bad swim bladder issue and I'm trying to nurse him to good health. I'm not sure if this works on aro's though :0

-First i put him in a salt bath of 6 tablespoons of pure salt (no additives) to 3 gallons of water from my aquarium for 30 minutes or until he lost his equilibrium (10 minutes for him)
-then i got my wife to mash up some cooked pees in her new mortar and pestle she got for xmas
-then used my modified test syringe ( cut some of the tip off do it would suck up)

after he ate all the pees i put him into my aquarium where he seems to be comfortable in

All in all it went pretty well sorry for the bad video its from instagram and they only let you do 15 seconds so its cut really badly lol