Full Helmet Cross Back Golden


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I got this guy off of Van at Vandiscus in the winter of 2016. It's around 12 inches long with gorgeous gold colour. I'm moving to the USA for work in July so I have to sell him. I paid $1500 for him and would like to get $1200 but would let him go for a reasonable offer as I'm in the process of moving.
I'm not on the site that often so you can email me at [email protected] for a quicker response. I also have 6 clown loaches that I can throw in if the buyer is interested. 3 of the loaches have a cool oddball patern.
Camera phone pics so they don't do the fish justice.
Located in Oshawa ontario


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Had a deal fall through on the fish but still have a deal on the tank. That being said if someone can pickup the fish in Oshawa befote Saturday June 3rd I'd let it go for $700. Plus they could have my clown loaches for free.