Google and internet advertising


Arowana blogger
Last night I uploaded a video of a Merlion Harmony Cross Back I have, and I got a pop up message from Youtube (owned by Google) that I could "monetize my videos"; this is code for "put up ads that people have to watch before they can see your content." This made me smile since my videos (with a few exceptions) do not get huge viewership numbers. The first thing I thought was "Hmm, times must be tough at Google if they are asking me to monetize my videos lol!"

What do I see today? Bad earnings report!

Funny how interconnected the world is these days.


Youtube is monetizing all channels that are following Community guidelines. This has been going on for a few months now.

As someone who has been earning on YouTube for a couple years now, this was somewhat of a scare. I thought that the more spread out the ads were on channels, the less ads will pay. I was wrong. They still pay the same, if not more.

I think youtube was attempting to cover a new area of potential. While your videos may not get a lot of views... thousands upon thousands are other videos dont either. Combine these views together, and google just got millions of extra views monetized.

Videos wont play in front of every video... they only play every 7 minutes per user usually. Or at least there is a cap on them. You can enable true view.. which will allow your viewers to skip the ad, or watch it as their own choice. Usually the best idea.