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Hi first post I bought my first Asian aro on Tuesday so three days ago now wondering when I should start to be concerned he's in a 125 six foot tank aro is about 5-6" long and hasn't eaten yet my silver aro took about a week to settle in and take aro sticks are Asian usually quick to settle in or take awhile thanks harleyboy
Not sure I just tried to contact them but no answer I call
Them back in a bit ya I kinda figured not to worrie yet I'll grab some crickets just incase he preferrers them to sticks but I had a silver that never did eat and am a little nervous
So I got through to them it was being feed super worms and night crawlers I will pu some super worms tonight and see if he goes for them is a aro stick a good staple and then just some treats once a week as my silver only eats sticks and is growing nicely
Yeah I would stay away from night crawlers. At Least for now. Hungry, healthy aro will eat pellets eventually In my experience. If you really want it eating pellets just don't feed it anything for now. Offer a pellet 24 to 36 hrs after getting it home. Try every few hours. Remove uneaten food if possible. Gauge your aros interest. Should at least mouth them, that's a good start.
Sounds good at the moment no interest in food at all
I'll give him sometime to get hungry u could see a full tummy even after the three days thought they stopped feeding a couple of days before shipping? Anyways thanks for the suggestions Diablored
There are a lot more people with a lot more experience than me on here. Maybe one of them will chime in. Getting into asian aros can be nerve racking!
ya if you feed them super worms likely they will not want to touch pellet! that's what I heard if you feed live food. starve it a few days and see if it takes pellet. the key is being persistent.
Because I just brought him home just want him to eat not really worried about what at the moment he had no intrest in super worms so I'll just keep trying aro sticks morning and night hopefully he eats soon I'm sure he's just adjusting


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My recommendation would be to try target feeding it small pieces of cut up white shrimp, available at Safeway or fish market; buy shell on, then thaw, remove shell, and cut up into small pieces; throw pieces ahead of aro as it swims to stimulate attack response. Aros will often pick up shrimp off tank bottom too, so you can leave pieces in for a while to see if the aro will eat them. After 30 min remove any uneaten pieces. Try this approach morning and night.

Because your fish has been on live food, it may take a while to get it to accept something else.

If you just want to see your fish eat to put your mind at rest, you can try feeding it a few crickets. Most Asian aros find them irresistible.

Any photos of the fish?
try slicing prawns in 4 pcs and soak in a bit of garlic to get him interested in the strong smell and see if he would take it.
one of my aro went for almost a month until he gave in n ate food stick and prawns.
i stay away from sw or else it'll be really hard to train your aro to eat other things after.
hope that helps
Using crickets that are gut loaded with the pellets u intend to use is a good idea. Maybe some of the pellet taste will transfer to the cricket. I would not worry about it not eating, sure it would be awesome if it ate a pellet today. But I wouldn't worry untill u seen 2 weeks with no interest in food. Even then it's probably not that big of deal. Relax, enjoy your arowana, let it get use to you as well. IMO they can tell the diff between people. Get to know your new pet!
I was in the same situation as yours a while ago, and followed the advise of the forum members. They were right about the market prawns as one day my aro just started eating it. I would say having your new aro eat might be one of the most exciting things about these fish, followed by its first full meal of pellets :)